Best German beer

The best beers in Germany

German beerBeer in Germany is considered one of the basic foods. That means, in theory you can replace a whole meal with drinking 3 beers, at least a German expressions says so :). German beers have an excellent reputation worldwide and it comes in as no surprise that every German has a very strong opinion on which is the best German beer. One thing you need to know is that German brewers follow the ‘Reinheitsgebot’ – the ‘law’ that beer should only consist of 3 basic ingredients – water, barley and hops. While this ensured in the past that only the best quality ingredients were used to brew beer in Germany it also meant that the variety of tastes that you find in other countries is not that big in Germany. Nevertheless we put together the generally considered best German beers in this list.


Our No.1 pick without any doubt. Brewed in the famous Black Forrest in the South of Germany Tannenzäpfle is widely sold throughout Germany. What makes Tannenzäpfle stand out from the rest? First of all it comes in a perfect size of 0,33 liter a bottle, which makes it perfect to drink on the go. Standard 0,5 liter bottles of beer lose too much taste/freshness in the last sip. Also if you drink Tannenzäpfle at a party you have always something to do if the party sucks. Picking the aluminium around the top of the bottle is a good time passer. But in the end it is all about the taste and we think Tannenzäpfle is gonna be also your favorite German beer.


Augustiner is one of the biggest breweries in Germany with hundreds of year of tradition. Augustiner is being brewed in Munich, probably the world’s capital beer city. Best enjoy your Augustiner in one of their many ‘Wirtshäuser’ where you can enjoy your beer in a 1 liter glass called Maß accompanied by some traditional German food.
But also their bottled beer is worth a try. Most famous are Edelstoff and their Helles. Both can be bought at almost any supermarket or Späti.


Coming from the pictureous Bavarian town Tegernsee this beer is the hippest beer right now in Germany. Even Berliners are so crazy about this beer that it was sold out in the rest of Germany and all beer was ‘exported’ to Berlin, where the prices were higher than in the South. But now you can be sure that Tegernseer is widely available throughout Germany and you can enjoy it whenever you like.

German beers that German avoid

Unfortunately, at least in our opinion, the most famous German beers abroad are not the best beers from Germany. Some of these include Becks, Löwenbräu or even Veltins. As these breweries may have understood that beer lovers around the world enjoy drinking German beer they pushed for international expansion. But if you are lucky you might get some of our favorite beers even outside of Germany, but you surely have to look for them.