Best German cars

The best German cars

3 things Germans love to talk about are: Best German cars, best German beers and the best German football club. Without any doubt the best cars worldwide are manufactured here in Germany. The current F1 world champion and the symbol for luxurious cars – Mercedes – is also home here in Germany. Also based in Stuttgart is the producer of the world famous sports car 911 – Porsche. And last but not least BMW is one of the most successful car companies worldwide and also home in Germany. But each manufacturer has one specific model that any car enthusiast dreams about and here they are.

Mercedes SL 300

When talking about iconic cars the Mercedes SL 300 is by far the most famous of all. This car was so ahead of time in terms of design that it is widely considered the best German car ever built. And we could not agree any more. Its most iconic design feature are for sure the doors that open like wings to the top.
If you wish to own this dream car yourself you need some really deep pockets. These models change ownership somewhere North of 1 million euros. Well at least looking at pictures of it does not cost that much.

Porsche 959

First the bad news. At the time the ground braking Porsche 959 was released it already cost around 200.000€. Nowadays these models also go somewhere North of 1 million euros. But that money is well invested in one of the most advanced cars of its time.
Long before any other car the Porsche 959 made use of new materials like Teflon in order to save weight. And it took many years to come that other sports cars could break the 4 second barrier for the sprint to 100 km/h.


We also wanted to include a car that has been built in this millennium and there was no doubt whatsoever that this model would be BMW’s famous Z8. Even James Bond put aside the keys to his Aston Martin and drove around in a Z8. And if someone has good taste in cars it is definitely James Bond.
BMW’s designer got inspired by the BMW 507 that has been produced in 1956 until 1959. But even though this model was the inspiration for some of the design details the Z8 designers put together a car that just looks amazing and unique from any ankle you look at it. If you are planning to get this car your bank account should at least have 200.000€ on  it, which is almost a real bargain compared to the other cars on this list.