Best German cities

The best cities in Germany

Ever wondered which are the best German cities? With this list of the best German cities, you can find out a little more about different German cities and what makes them so special. German is famously known for its delicious beer, grilled sausages, and beautiful, traditional architecture. Although many areas in the country can tick off these three items of the list of what makes them so great, there is a lot more to German cities than these stereotypes.

Berlin – The German capital

Berlin Reichstag in wintertimeBerlin is the best German city, full stop. We might be biased because we love it here, but there are a lot of unbiased examples to back up this statement. Unlike most other capitals, Berlin has a lot of green space which, combined with the lack of crazy traffic also found in other major cities, makes Berlin a very healthy place to live in terms of air quality and stress levels. You can do anything you want, really be yourself and embrace your personal style, without anybody passing judgement.
Even if you fancy walking around in a yellow scuba suit (complete with fins, and a snorkel mask), nobody’s going to tell you to dress like a ‘normal’ person and behave*. It does get a little too much for most people; the sheer size of the city, the amount of people at the markets and events, the FKK members chilling at the lake naked… It can be scary at first. But once you do get used to it, you’ll never want to leave. As far as the best German cities go, Berlin has to be number one.

Dresden – Semperoper & World War 2

Dresden SemperoperDresden is a gorgeous city with a very sad history. As you might already know, Dresden was completely destroyed by bomb in the second world war. Nowadays there are beautiful churches and museums to visit, making it one of the best German cities to go on a day trip. Don’t miss out on the world famous Semperoper while you are in Dresden.

Hamburg – The Northern Venice

View of HamburgIf you like being close to the water and eating fresh seafood, followed by some serious partying at night, Hamburg might just be the best German city for you to visit. St Pauli is where you want to go if you stopped reading at ‘serious partying’. Needless to say that what happens in St. Pauli stays in St. Pauli.
Don’t get confused while in Hamburg. The city is not located at the sea, even it might feel like it thanks to the Elbe and the biggest German port. Did you know that there are more bridges in Hamburg than in Venice?

München – The Southern capital of Germany

Munich OlympiaparkMunich is a good definition of Southern Germany. The well behaved, well dressed, law abiding citizens, shopping in the city centre for nice – and expensive – clothes, drinking some fantastic beer and eating traditional food in the blue gingham clad Brauhaus at night… München is definitely one of the best German cities.
A gorgeous city with clean parks and some stunning local attractions to visit, such as the Englischer Garten, Olympiapark, Marienplatz, Frauenkirche, and Peterskirche – where you can see the whole city from the top and even some mountains in the distance.

Nürnberg – Christkindlsmarkt

Nuremberg ChristkindlsmarktThere are some things you have to try if you’re in Nuremberg. One of them is pretzels, because the laugen (lye bread) seems to taste better in Nürnberg than anywhere else and there are pretzel stands all over the city. Another one is the Christkindlesmarkt; a Christmas market that is so big, and so beautiful, that it’s definitely an experience you wouldn’t want to miss while in Germany.
Nürnberg also has a lot of historical places that you might be interested in visiting, such as the Memorium Nuremberg Trials, where you can take a guided tour and soak up the history of this beautiful city.

The best German city

There is so much to do and do in Germany that visitors often decide, based on their own ideas of what makes a good holiday, what the best German cities are. These are some good cities to start with if you haven’t got a clue what to see and do in Germany, and they are almost always included in guides about the best German cities to visit. Most people who love Munich don’t love Berlin, and vice versa, so there’s only one way to find out what your favourite German city is!

*This really happened. Nobody found out why the gentleman was walking around in a yellow scuba diving suit, because nobody ever asked. That’s Berlin for you.