DKB – Deutsche Kreditbank Berlin

DKB – Berlin

dkb logoDKB – Deutsche Kredit Bank – has been running since 1990 and is nowadays focused on private clients as a direct bank. DKB is considered one of the best German banks and has around 2.5 million clients as of 2015.
DKB online banking has been rated as one of the best German banks for several times already. As DKB focused on private clients from the start they managed to offer the best services and conditions tailored to their clients’ needs.

DKB Cash

DKB Cash will be your best choice if you are looking for a German bank account. DKB Cash offers a lot more than just your average current account.
The best thing about DKB Cash is that it is completely free of charge. There are no hidden fees or monthly charges, even if you do not use it as your main account, i.e. if you don’t receive your monthly salary in it. Also, there are no fees for the set up process nor for account management. When signing up for a DKB Cash current account, you will get two types of bank cards.

Free DKB EC-card

With every DKB Cash account you will get a free of charge DKB EC-Card. EC-Cards are widely accepted and used within Germany. You can pay for your groceries or restaurant bills with this EC-Card free of additional charge. Be aware that Credit Card use in Germany is not as common as it might be in other countries, especially in the US. Many restaurants, supermarkets, etc. do not accept Credit Cards. So without an EC-Card, you always need to carry around a huge amount of cash in order to be on the safe side.

Free DKB Visa credit card

With every DKB Cash account you will also get a free of charge DKB Visa Card. With this DKB Visa Card, you are able to withdraw money from any ATM worldwide completely free of charge. This is especially useful in cities like Berlin, where you find only a few ATMs around. And of course this DKB Visa Card can be used for any online purchases or at any shop that accepts credit cards.
The interest on a DKB Visa account is currently 1.05%, and for money on your internet current account you will get 0.2% interest. However, as interest rates might change frequently, make sure to always check and compare for current conditions.

Excellent customer service

As if these reasons alone were not enough, DKB also exceeds in customer service compared to any other German bank. As DKB only has very few branches, you are able to do anything you need to do online. And if any problem occurs, there is also a 24/7 emergency hotline that will help you, e.g. if you’ve lost your credit card or can’t access the online interface.

DKB Club

With any DKB Cash current account you can sign up for the DKB Club. This is another great benefit of DKB that sets this bank appart from any other German bank. With your DKB Visa Card as identification, you will get cheaper and sometimes even free entrance to different events. In Berlin for example, you can get free tickets for you and a friend by just showing your DKB Visa Card at the ticket counter of Eisbären Berlin (ice hockey), Füchse Berlin (handball), or even ALBA Berlin (basketball). Just check their homepage for additional information. DKB Club also offers cashback on certain purchases, and more discounts online – yet another great benefit that makes DKB certainly one of the best German banks.

DKB – Our pick for best German bank

All in all you can say that DKB offers a lot of services that traditional banks do not offer, and DKB has very fair conditions for their clients. Most notably are the completely free of charge current accounts and free withdrawals worldwide from any ATM. And with DKB Club, they offer a loyalty program that offers many interesting rewards and free stuff. These might be some of the reasons why DKB was selected best German direct bank by Focus Money in 2013.