Best German Electricity Provider

Best German electricity provider

German electricity providerFinding the best German electricity provider can be a tricky task. But with our help you will find the best German electricity and save a lot of money. Only a couple of years ago customers in Germany did not have a choice when it came to their electricity provider. You simply had a contract with the local Grundversorger, which was of course overpriced, and service was just horrible. But luckily things have changed and nowadays you can choose your favorite electricity provider and sign up with them online. Simple as that.

Choosing the best electricity provider in Germany

There are a couple of things to consider before choosing an electricity provider. The most important one will be, that you should not pay a whole year in advance in order to get a cheaper deal.

In Germany the company TelDaFax was one of the cheapest and biggest electricity providers. But they charged for a whole year in advance. Out of nowhere TelDaFax went bancrupt and a lot of customers lost a lot of money.

People who had just payed for 12 months in advance lost all their money and had to sign up with another electricity provider.

  • Golden rule No.1: Only pay your ‘Abschlag‘ (downpayment) on a monthly basis!
  • Golden rule No.2: Get if possible a contract that you can quit on a monthly basis (at least after the first 12 months) to be more flexible and, if needed, change to a cheaper electricity provider at the end of the contract.
  • Golden rule No.3: Check if the electricity provider can be reached via telephone (free land line number or 0800 service number) or email without additional costs. In case of problems you don’t want to be without electricity for too long probably.

SimplyGreen Ökostrom

SimplyGreen_LogoDo you want to save some money and do something good for the environment at the same time?
If you answered yes to both questions then signing up with SimplyGreen is a very good idea for you.

With SimplyGreen you have the guarantee that you are using 100% green energy, meaning no such things as atomic energy coming out of your socket.

Not only are the prices for the different tariffs very cheap, but you even get to choose from a big variety of bonuses once you sign up. Right now we definitely recommend going for one of the bikes as they have the highest retail price of all bonuses. For the ladies the citybike Casino is the best choice while the gents would probably enjoy the Fixie bike “Essence” the most.

Signing up with SimplyGreen is as easy as it gets. Just visit the website, estimate your yearly electricity consumption and get a quote for a monthly downpayment. Once you’ve signed up you will get access to your personal account online where you can keep track of everything regarding your contract and personal data.


e-wie-einfachLet’s see how E wie einfach does in terms of our golden rules mentioned above. Not to spoil anything, but E wie einfach has been rated as best German electricity provider in several customer magazines. But let’s see in detail:

  • Downpayment on a monthly basis: Check! When signing up with E wie einfach you just calculate the expected electricity consumption depending on the number of people in your household and that’s it. Based on this you will pay a monthly downpayment that will be reevaluated at the end of one year after they checked your actual electricity consumption.
  • Quit contract on a monthly basis: Check! After the first year you can quit your contract on a monthly basis. Be careful not to quit your contract too early as sometimes you might get a sign up bonus after 13 months of being a customer with E wie einfach. For their bonuses check on their website.
  • Quality of customer service: Check! Most of all tasks/questions can be carried out/found online and in your personal login area. And if some questions are still unanswered you can reach the customer service via phone and email for free.


entegaOur next electricity provider that we put to the test is Entega Energie. Similar to E wie Einfach also Entega can be found in electricity provider comparisons on one of the top spots in Germany. And best of all Entega is very eco-friendly offering a lot of green energy ressources to choose from. But let’s see in detail as well:
Downpayment on a monthly basis: Check! I think the importance of this point has been stretched out before in length.
Quit contract on a monthly basis: Check! After the first 12 months Lekker Energie offers the possibility of quiting the contract at the end of each month.
Quality of customer service: Check! Free German land line number that is available during German office hours and contact via email


lifestromRight now our favorite pick when it comes to electricity providers in Germany is Lifestrom. With E.ON as a partner (and powered by famous German TV station SAT.1) you can rest assured you are in good hands.

But on top of that Lifestrom offers an unbeatable price stability guarantee until June 2019. So no surprises after one year, when many other providers raise their prices significantly.

And best of all Lifestrom offers right now the best sign-up bonuses of all providers. You can choose between a 100€ Amazon voucher or a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab A7.0 among others. And on top of that you get 3 months of free access to German streaming website Maxdome.

Changing electricity provider in Germany

Changing electricity providers in Germany is probably one of the easiest tasks. What you should do is some research about the electricity providers available and pick the one that suits you best. Next step would be to sign up with them so they are taking care of all paperwork like quiting the contract with your old electricity provider. This ensures that you are not left without electricity in case there are some delays with your new electricity provider.

Grundversorger in Germany

Power lines electricityDepending on where you live the ‘Grundversorger’ is a different one. But what does Grundversorger mean and what is it good for? Well the main task of the Grundversorger is to make sure that every citizen in Germany has access to electricity. So if you move to a new apartment you will automatically be signed up with the local Grundversorger. You should within the first 2 weeks read about the best electricity providers and then choose one. Otherwise you might be stuck with your local Grundversorger for a whole year and pay more than you should.