German way of life

The German way of life – Best of

Do you want to know how the Germans enjoy their life? In order to understand the Germans you need to know what they like and why they like it. There are countless things that Germans have very strong opinions on, but the following points are by far the most important things Germans love to discuss about.

Best German songs

Depending on if you are talking to a grown up or a teenager you will get a completely different answer on what music defines the German way of life. We tried to put together a list of the best German songs with that problem in mind and we are quite proud to present you this list.

Best German food

Here the important thing to consider is that Germany has many very regional foods that are very popular. Therefore the answer to the questions ‘What is the best German food’ will be completely different if asked in Stuttgart or in Berlin or in Munich. We are sure we kept that in mind when putting together our list of the best German foods.

Best German words

These best German words are our way to show that Germans indeed do have a sense of humor. And yes, German is a terribly difficult language to learn, but if you are moving to Germany you should really start learning at least these words on our list of the best German words. Nothing breaks the ice faster than a foreigner explaining what the Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz really means.

Best German expressions

Don’t try to translate these expressions word by word. Otherwise you will tell your friend that you think that his pig is whistling. See? Yes it doesn’t make sense unless you say it in German. Make sure to at least know about the best German expressions, even though you might not really understand the meaning.

Best German cities

The old battle between North and South or East vs West. But who are we to judge which is really the best German city (it’s Berlin)? Where else can you be yourself and run around in tracksuits and not even draw attention? Where else can you drink a beer at 10 am in the subway and people know you just came home from a party without judging you. But there are many other great cities in Germany, so make sure to visit them all.