How to open German bank account

How to open German bank account – Step by step

Bank account GermanyIt might be tricky to open a German bank account if you do not speak German. Even though Germany in general are very open minded and almost everybody speaks English, yet not many websites offer their services in English.
Sign up processes might differ a bit from bank to bank, but in general they will require the same information before they let you open a bank account with them. So here is how to master this without speaking German.

How to open a German bank account

General information needed in order to open a German bank account online. Check out the sign up form for a DKB cash account below.

Anrede: Frau or Herr
Form of address: Mrs. or Mr.


First Name


Date of birth

Place of birth

Familienstand: ledig; verheiratet; getrennt lebend; geschieden; verwitwet; Lebensgemeinschaft / Zusammenlebend
Marital status: single; married; separated; divorced; widowed; living together (needs to be registered with German authorities)


Telefon & Email (self explaining)


Wohnhaft seit
Resident since (since when you live at your current address)

Wohnstatus: Eigentum; zur Miete; sonstiges
Resident status: Owning the place; renting the place; other


Aktuelles Nettoeinkommen pro Monat in Euro
Current net income per month in Euro

Möchten Sie einen zweiten Kontoinhaber angeben?
Would you like to specify a secondary account holder?

open german bank account
Open German bank account – DKB sign up process

The screenshot above shows the DKB sign up form. Some additional tips if you do not have a German address yet. DKB as well as any other bank will send you some papers that you have to sign and send back. If you have no permanent address in Germany yet make sure to give them your friends address or the place that you stay.
You also need to fill in your phone number, but you can use your local phone number if you have no German phone number yet. Furthermore be aware that some German banks might not let you sign up with them if you do not have a steady income. Therefore you need to do some research which banks offer free of charge accounts for students, full-time employees, etc.
With this “How to open a German bank account” guide you will have no problems at all signing up with any bank. It will be the same information required for any bank you might want to sign up with. Now the only thing you need to do is to find the best German bank for your personal needs.