Best German Internet Provider

Best German Internet Provider – Comparison

Internet provider GermanyFinding the best internet provider in Germany can be a difficult task. But with our internet provider comparison you will get the best offers there are. Before deciding to sign up with an internet provider in Germany you need to know, what is most important to you. Let us help you with your decision and check the 3 most important points.

  • If you are a heavy internet user you might want to sign up with an ISP that offers very fast internet (VDSL, cable or glass fibre) and that does not cut the speed of your internet after you used a lot of data.
  • Do you need internet only occasionally? Then maybe your focus will be the price of your internet provider. You don’t need the fastest tariff with the best hardware so you can save some money there.
  • Are you technically not the most knowledgeable person? Make sure your internet service provider offers a 24/7 service hotline or at least during normal working hours and (most important) with a local land line number or free 0800 service number.

Best German internet provider for heavy users No.1: 1&1

Logo 1&1Being voted as best German internet provider in 2014 in several leading tech magazines, 1&1 is a very good choice for heavy internet users. All 1&1 tariffs are without data restriction, which is not the case with some other internet providers as o2.
Furthermore 1&1 offers in certain areas internet via glass fibre with up to 100Mbit/s, which is about the fastet you can get nowadays in Germany.
And on top of that you have the possibility to get the famous 1&1 home server (which is actually a Fritzbox), which is the best modem/router that there is on the market. Even if you already have the hardware consider signing up for the homeserver. You can still sell them for more on ebay later.

Best German internet provider for heavy users No.2: Kabel Deutschland

The new big thing right now is internet via cable in Germany. Especially in bigger cities cable companies like Kabel Deutschland are offering internet via cable and up to 100Mbit/s. Only problem that could be is that if you live in a rented apartment the house owner might have an exclusive contract with a cable provider and therefore you can only sign up with this one.
In order to find out if you can sign up for internet via cable check your rental contract and do the availability test online.

Best German internet provider for occasional internet user: o2

Logo o2 You are not constantly online and checking your messages every 5 seconds? Well maybe then all you need is a basic internet contract with less speed, which means less costs. O2 is a very good choice for the occasional internet user. Availability should not be a problem, as o2 covers a very wide area in Germany and should be available literally everywhere. To be on the safe side use their online availability check.
Right now their cheapest tariff comes with 8Mbit/s and only costs 14,99€ for the first 24months. 8Mbit/s should be enough speed to check your messages or even stream occasionally (if it is not in HD). In order to find out if you can sign up with O2 check their availability test online.

Best German internet provider for internet newbies: 1&1

Oh wait. 1&1 sounds familiar to you? Yes that is right, not only does 1&1 offer very fast internet, but their customer service is among the best there is. Their customer service is very friendly and competent and you can reach them on a German land line number. Best of all, they are reachable 24/7 so even if you have a problem on a sunday night they can help you out with that.
Furthermore you can browse on their FAQ section online, where most of the problems and solutions can be found.

Changing ISP in Germany

In case you are already signed up for a German internet provider and want to switch to one of our best picks there are a few things to remember. Usually you sign up for an internet provider in Germany for 24 months. This means you are stuck with them for a long time if you chose the wrong provider. Anyhow you can sign up with the new internet provider and let them know the end date of your old contract in order that you have internet without a break in the middle.
Also double check if you can still use the old hardware as some internet service providers like Vodafone do not let you use your own hardware. And last but not least, even if it may sound silly nowadays, make sure the ISP offers hardware that let’s you use WLAN without having to pay extra. Believe it or not but some ISPs in Germany still charge or the wireless option.