Best German online furniture shops

Best places to buy furniture online in Germany

Furniture GermanyDepending on how much you are willing to spend on furniture there are almost limitless choices in Germany. Nowadays you conveniently can buy furniture online in Germany and don’t even have to leave the house anymore. Isn’t that great? Most German furniture stores offer their furniture online in their own E-commerce shops. But also some pure online furniture stores are worth a visit when looking for furniture in Germany. First of let’s give you an overview over the best websites in Germany where you can buy furniture. After that let’s have a look at the most famous furniture shops, including of course IKEA.

Home24 Online

Started as a small online furniture store from Berlin Home24 is now one of the biggest online furniture stores in Germany. They are even advertising on national TV nowadays and invest heavily in new logistic centers around Germany in order to speed up shipping.
Luckily Home24 already has grown so much that it replaces a 5 storeys high furniture shop. So instead of driving there and fighting your way through crowded rows of furniture you can easily shop from the comfort of your home for furniture. Almost all categories like couches, beds, tables or wardrobes are just one click away.
Another great advantage of shopping furniture online is that you not only save time but you also save the trouble renting a big van in order to bring home all your stuff. With Home24, as with most other online furniture shops in Germany, you enjoy free delivery and even free return of anything you bought online. So let other people do the heavy work of carrying furniture up to your apartment and enjoy the comfort of shopping at Home24 online. If we had to decide we would say that Home24 is the best German online furniture shop at the moment.

Fashion for Home

Another online furniture store that is famous for its wide selection of furniture and very competitive prices. Most items are made to order, which means that whenever you order something online they will start manufacturing straight away and send it home to you. This way they save a lot on storage costs, but that also means that delivery times might be longer than at other online stores.
If you happen to live in Berlin you even have the opportunity to check out the Fashion for Home showroom which is located at Friedrichstraße. Sometimes it is nice to see and feel furniture before buying it.

IKEA – furniture store

Buying furniture at Ikea is sometimes a real pain in the a**. No matter which IKEA, if in Berlin or in the smallest town you know, on weekends you can be sure that half of the population of that particular city is heading out to IKEA and buying probably exactly the same items that you wanted to buy.
If you don’t mind that half of your friends will own the same furniture then IKEA is probably the best place to go to buy furniture in Germany. Their prices are unbeatable and the quality is good enough so that you can take it apart several times in case you have to move before the screws are becoming too loose.

Flea markets

If you are on a small budget and you don’t mind buying stuff second hand then try out some of the flea markets around your place. Germans love to sell their stuff on Sundays mornings at one of the many flea markets around Germany. Make sure to bargain hard but fair as bargaining is half of the fun at flea markets. No one ever expects you to pay the full price.

Online furniture shops vs furniture stores

Time effort: Clear winner here buying furniture online. No more driving out to a furniture shop far away from home and spending hours finding the right stuff.
Price: Winner online shopping, as their prices are usually better than what a traditional furniture store can offer.
Experience: Winner furniture store, as you simply cannot know and feel how a certain piece of furniture will be like unless you touch it and try it out before.

Now that you have finally the obstacle of buying furniture in Germany out of the way it is time to get to know the German way of life and learn about the best German songs of all time.