The Best German

The Best German – The Ultimate List

Schloss NeuschwansteinGermany and its inhabitants are known for their need for perfection. Only the best is good enough for Germans. That is why Germans have very strong opinions on everything and you will find yourself in a discussion with any German about the best German beer or car or football club faster than you think. But while these things are only important to know when bonding with your German friends over a beer there are other important things you should know. E.g. if you ever wondered which bank account is considered the best German bank account or which is the best German internet provider to sign up with. This knowledge will save you a lot of money.

The German way of life

To help you to get an overview and to guide you through any discussions about Germany we assembled all sorts of lists about the best German things. After carefully studying these lists you will be able to trick anybody into thinking that you are a native German.

German traditions

Something you need to understand is that Germans are very proud of their culture and they love traditions. Probably nowhere else you will get into heartier conversations than when talking about the best German beer. Not only do they prefer to drink German beer, but also literally any little village, especially in Bavaria, has it’s own brewery. That being said, you will probably never be able to try half of all German beers, but at least you should try.

Best German food

German BrotzeitBut it is not only all about beer, because Germans also love their traditional German food. And depending on where in Germany you are the food is also very distinct. In the south of Germany you will find a lot of heavy and meaty meals whereas close to the coast people prefer fresh fish. What all Germans have in common though is, that they love sausage for breakfast and especially the elders still have “vesper” in the evening, that usually consists of dark bread and some more sausage. Keep reading about the best German food here.

Best German cars

Of course there is another stereotype about the Germans that they work very hard and they are very good engineers. Both things combined might explain why the best cars worldwide are from Germany. Of course quality comes with higher prices, but as long as anybody here can afford to he will drive a German car. The most famous German car companies are Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Audi and VW. And again depending on who you talk to you might hear that the best German car is Mercedes or Porsche (if talking to a Swabian), BMW or Audi (if talking to a Bavarian) or VW (if talking to someone from Niedersachsen).

Best German companies (Bank account, internet & mobile phone provider)

If you just recently moved to Germany then you might be interested in more practical things like which is the best German bank account, the best German internet provider or the best German mobile phone provider. We gathered all information needed in these lists to help you make the best decisions, because there are plenty of options to choose from and not all of them are as good as others. Also as your needs might be different from someone else’s needs we try to point out which options are recommended for whom. Do you care more about the price and want the cheapest offers available or do you want the best quality, which sometimes comes with higher costs? We give you all the choices and you only need to pick the best one for you.

Best German electricity provider

Once you found a place to live it is time to change from the Grundversorger (which you are automatically signed up with) to a much cheaper electricity provider.

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The best German – The ultimate list

The list of things that Germans like the best goes on and on so you better make sure to check all of them out. But please be aware that lists are sometimes a bit subjective, but we tried our best to give you an honest and realistic overview over the best German things.